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Benefits of Our System

Bynaric Systems


Students can take online and offline exams get alert and notification and view result online.

Bynaric Systems


Save time, cost and manpower. Publish and deliver exam results instantly. Get powerful data driven insights on academic performance.

Bynaric Systems


Strict confidentiality maintained. Eliminate conflict with dynamic scheduling of invigilators. Capture and track incident of student misconduct real time.

Who Can Use Our System?

Everybody who needs an exam to be taken by a group of students. Our Client range from Schools and Institutes to Universities.

Bynaric Systems

For University

Online examination system manages examination work and conduct that has to be executed before the start of the examination process. With the use of Online examination system, examination management related arrangements like time-table, hall tickets, allotments and attendance sheets can be organized efficiently.

For Colleges

Examinations are a fundamental (and often stressful) component of the contemporary college experience. Prospective undergrads can expect to take dozens of tests and quizzes between now and graduation day. The format and style of these exams vary by subject, level, and instructor. The most successful college students learn to adapt their test-taking and studying strategies accordingly.
Bynaric Systems
Bynaric Systems

For Schools

Now with the help of our online examination management system schools are able to create various kinds of examinations on the basis of grades and marks scored by students. They can also club exams together if the need be. It also helps that these online systems can calculate marks automatically.This can be done for both descriptive as well as objective examinations.This is also something that is expected to benefit the schools a lot.


Our Pricing

Please contact our Sales/ Marketing team for best pricing as per your requirements.

Performance Analysis and Result Reporting System

To make better academic facilities available exam management system needs to be strong with more involvement of parents this becomes possible with Performance analysis and result reporting System.

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