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University Management

University Management System

Bynaric Systems

Key Features

Bynaric Systems


  1. Increases Accuracy and Efficiency
  2. Applicant’s Convenience
  3. College Registration
  4. College Details
  5. Students Data
  6. University Notifications.
Bynaric Systems

Student Administration

  1. Complete tracking of the students Information.
  2. Better communication.
  3. Better performance by the students.
  4. Creation of admitted student record
  5. Personal details along with photograph
  6. Exam schedule
Bynaric Systems

HR Module

  1. Performance evaluation.
  2. Attendance management.
  3. Payroll management.
  4. Reporting and analytics.
  5. Send messages / sms/ emails to staff
  6. Update news and notices
  7. Reports
Bynaric Systems


  1. Hostel management simplified.
  2. Daily updates to parents on hostel attendance..
  3. Hostel wise student report.
  4. Building information.
  5. Room information
  6. Student information
  7. Student in and out attendance
  8. Reports
Bynaric Systems


  1. Complete and Accurate Audit trail.
  2. Data integrity and security.
  3. Minimizing overall paperwork.
  4. Manage Fee.
  5. Manage Accounts
  6. Add receipts
  7. Create Invoices
  8. Reports
Bynaric Systems


  1. Increased Library Engagement.
  2. Enhances reporting and monitoring.
  3. Dynamic Reports Acquisition.
  4. Transaction / Circulation
  5. Student / Staff Login

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Key Benefits of System

Initially, system was based on the manual gathering of data but with the advanced ERP software solution, today managing and regulating educational institution is modified. It is now based on the software.

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