Many universities are trying to get back to their regular offline mode. But every time they decide to go fully regular mode, there is a challenge in the form of rising cases of COVID-19. This urges state governments to call for sudden suspension of physical classes. They decide to go for an online exam instead. Nowadays, teachers are not facing that much of a challenge. Still, they would need to go for the best information management system software at one point or the other. 

The Challenges You Face Conducting Online Exams

There may be tools in the market and apps that educators have used all this while. But they fail to realize that there’s more to conducting exams than just having an app. You will need to look at setting the papers, then worry about the exam itself and eventually grade the papers. While the run of the mill tool might excel in setting papers for objective, when it comes to setting a subjective exam paper, these tools may struggle. This is why universities and institutions wanting to conduct online exams must go for the fully-automated online exam system website. 

Factors to Consider While Selecting Exam Platform

  • Easy Paper Setting: Ask any teacher how he or she finds setting papers for the upcoming semester exams, you will hear them let out a painful sigh. This is how upsetting it is to set question papers. In engineering colleges, you have several batches of students taking exams at a time. While one might be giving the first sem exam, the other batch might be reappearing for the same or might be attempting to clear an arrear paper. Creating a paper for each of these sets of students is a tedious manual job. Well, if it is manual then yes! But if you opt for the latest examination platform from a reliable brand, your work becomes easier. 
  • Step-wise Exam Process: Everyone wants to use a tool that can streamline examination. While selecting a firm for an online exam platform, make sure to see if they offer end-to-end services for easing the exam process. 
  • Proctoring Facilities: The biggest disadvantage every examiner faces while holding an exam is not knowing if their candidate is cheating or not. This is why image proctoring, video and AI proctoring are the additional features one can expect from these tools. These would take images after every few seconds or minutes and keep a track of the students while they are giving exams. Look for this facility that you can expect to get as soon as the exam gets over. 
  • Instant Result Generation: Look for exam platforms that will generate instant results for an objective exam as soon as the exam ends. This is a necessity and can enable the examiner to conduct huge exams across lacs of students in one go. 
  • Conduct Diverse Types of Exams: We are talking about the ease of conducting exams across types or genres. You can even conduct exams across different grades of students, have subjective and objective or more in one go. In short, exams just got easier even as you go completely online!
  • Easy Delegation: It becomes easier to delegate a teacher to a grade or an exam and for evaluation as well. However, remember that for doing all of these you need to have the best online exam system for college. 

Choose Nothing but the Best

There are quite a few names in the business but institutes should not compromise here while getting the best online exam system software in Pune. Bynaric Systems’ Bynaric Exams is a special product that every institute will benefit from now. The season of exams is just around the corner and so we urge you to have a look at their exam tool. 

Besides this, they offer online admission management software for college and all-in-all management software as well. They are specialists in this industry with experience of over 13 years and counting! They have recently conducted exams online for a count of 3 lac students in this one year alone. This speaks of how much they have become the most valuable name in the sector. 

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