As a developer, you can do a lot and not just restrict yourself to a set range of tasks. If you want your users to do a few tasks and not just the specific ones in Python, what should you do? You might as well develop a script to assign in the language the tool understands and conveys. This is sure to make your time better. For this, you need to use the Locust. 

What is Locust? 

For beginners, Locust is a framework that everyone is using for load-testing. So, it will test the load the tool can adapt and how much can the software handle. Many times, the system can fail if it handles more load than its actual strength. This is where Locust comes in to see if the websites can manage concurrent users in the system at a time or not. The earlier versions of Locust had names like swarms or hatching and all. In short, they had direct references to the insect we all know. Now they are using a more tech-specific naming system. 

How The Locust Functions

Just as regular locust attacks happen, even here, a swarm of locusts attacks a website. On monitoring their attack in real-time on a web User-interface, the testers will judge the vulnerability. Therefore, they will also learn about the behavior of every locust. They can learn how the swarms attack as well. 

 What do the test results show? The test results show the requests per second or RPs and even the requests per every album or post. You will also find stats about the minimum, maximum, and average time for query execution and more. 

In the Charts tab, you can also find the real RPS and the median number of users. You can also find the Failed requests among others. 

Specialties of Locust

  • Easy Python Code

Don’t worry if you have written a code in Python as it is possible to still test it easily and with accurate results too. The Locus runs the code through a lightweight process and even blocks or ushers in some mechanism or the other. 

  • Web-based UI

A great feature of Locust is the way it shows you the testing process in real-time. It is also possible for you to alter the load in case you do not want to turn off the UI as well. 

  • Allows for Easy Testing

Whatever you want to test, simply write the client and watch Locust run its testing on services or websites as per your choice. 

  • Scalable Process

A highlight of Locust is the way it can do testing on a handful of sites or even hundreds at once in a concurrent manner. There is no hiccup in the process and this is what makes the tool highly dependable. 

Why Everyone Loves Locust

While there are hundreds of testing tools in the market, not every tool is scalable. Locust came as a solution to this effect and has been helping every tester to use it and generate relatable and practically functional results. The other tools do not have user-friendly interfaces. If they have that, they may fall short of coming up with the appropriate results. 

Today, the testers are looking for better tools that promise better results and Locust has struck gold in this field. Today the open-source tool has helped in testing several games including the Battlefield web app. At Bynaric Systems, our testers use this tool from time to time to generate reports and work systematically. We are a website and app development firm with over 13 years of experience in this sector. Our flagship product is the online examination platform that has already touched several universities and institutions across Maharashtra. 

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