Every IT professional around the world is aware of the technology and the tools that can change their functioning. Likewise, the IT community is aware of the flexible JavaScript base with which one can create web applications. 

It has been the case right from 2013 when this React JS was fresh in the market by Facebook. What makes React the best choice for every developer seeking a Front-end JS library? 

Easy to Understand

In a time when developers are spending a lot of time building sites and applications at great speed, they cannot afford to waste time. This is where React comes into the picture. It is simple to use but it is even easier to understand. You can install and within a short while building web applications and even work on the documentation process. This means even the internal teams can take up newer projects in a shorter time and thereby, gives you more productivity in no time. 

Intuitive and Declarative

Every developer wants to create a User-friendly interface and this is only possible by working on the Document Object Model aka the DOM. It is true that unless you work on the DOM you cannot truly customize the platform as per your wish. React JS is declarative as well. Declaring the user’s interfaces is not an easy task from the coding. Also, you have the additional job of making the code uncomplicated. This is where React demonstrates its efficiency. 

Reuse the Components

Every developer wants to save time and the best way to do this will be to cut the extra work. With React JS you can save time by using the components again elsewhere. It has this benefit where you can copy elements from a code to another app or in the same project. It saves a lot of time and hence, makes it cost-efficient. 

SEO-Friendly Approach

A modern developer would be aware of how important it would be to optimize their website page right at the time of designing and initial run. This is where React JS stuns the world. You can get fast-to-load pages and even makes the pages best to run on any of the top search engines as well. You have to thank React JS for its speed of rendering for helping you achieve this and enabling your site to scale up. A fact that many people may not be aware of is that React allows you to write codes for both clients and servers. This is why the speed of rendering is so fast and efficient. 

The Stability and Reassurance

If you look at React JS, you will notice it to be a trusted library by many top brands and tech giants like Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, and more. These companies are using this web framework for a long time and have found that it is by far the best product from Facebook so far. With many versions of the same React entering the market, we can also understand that React is easy to scale as well. 

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