You may have seen the junior or fresher developers struggle as they work on .Net/. Then you also see the senior developers also breaking their heads on some rather tough situation. Yes, you may face a set of challenges as a fresher or a junior developer. But with time, the complexity of crises only increases one notch up. 

Does that mean your teams are incompetent? No. Rather, this is a continuous process. The framework has its limitations and hence, can pose tough competition to even the smartest brains. What are these times is what we shall discuss now. 

Poor Performance 

These days, every framework that enters the market has to be top class. There cannot be anything of lesser value. However, if you look at the performance or speed of the New Technology File System or NTFS of Microsoft Windows, you will notice it to be slower than the standard Linux file system. A lot of it could be due to the fact that .Net’s lack of large collaboration to aid forums even though it has regular security updates. 

Not a Cross-Platform Functionality:

The framework works well with the Windows OS and we have to admit that there are a lot of compatibility issues. Installing Microsoft’s IIS server will be helpful for you to use the .Net framework. 

Many Application Hang-errors

A very unfortunate issue you will encounter working with ASP .Net framework is the case of apps hanging. This could be soft or hard hangs or when the apps return a HTTP error.  These challenges mean only one thing- the developer has to ensure that none of the development work causes either of these hangs. The hard hangs are worse than soft hangs which means you have to follow the strict Code Review and regular peer testing processes. The hard hangs will be when your application stops functioning completely and this could be even from a minor error on your part. The error will also require you to undergo the Code Review thoroughly to trace the mistake and fix it. 

Logging In and Out

The Event Log becomes active the moment your web.config file is kept untouched. This is when you can view errors that users will have faced. .Net has the tendency to record and keep a log of every error that happens from the smallest to the most detailed one. If you do not check it regularly, the ASP.Net application development will become slow later to load. 

Overloaded Server

As an ASP .Net developer, you will notice server overload. The best part of this framework is the presence of IIS Server in the IIS Suite itself. However, in case the load goes a little too much, the servers will easily lose the balance. Many will claim that there is nothing wrong with .Net. Rather, it is something every IIS Suite user will face. However, the solution lies in the developer conducting two sets of tests on the code realm and even in the application layer realm. This can solve the process. 
In spite of these challenges, .Net is one of the most trusted and most used frameworks. The developers have acknowledged this and we, from Bynaric Systems too believe in its prowess. However, if you wish us to develop any of your modern web applications using these, feel free to contact us at

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