Front-end developers only revere it and why not- after all, CSS has earned it over the years. We know HTML and its multiverse over the years but when it comes to customizing a site, or powering up better for the users, CSS clearly takes the cake! 

CSS or Cascading Style Sheet language adds details in design like filling it up with images, colours and makes it presentable. This has helped in the creation of hundreds of thousands of websites we see today, including e-commerce sites. 

Many designers admit that CSS is one step ahead of the HTML and there are several reasons why. Let’s discuss. 

  • It’s All about Looks: CSS’s primary function is to add more glitter and glamor to the website. This said, developers always seek some easy methods or tools for the same and this is where the formatting styles of CSS comes into play. You can use the CSS to add some graphics and make sure the website looks as catchy as possible. By this, we also mean you can change the code and make the web page readable and better for the users. 
  • External Stylesheet file: This is a great attribute of the CSS and because of this external stylesheet, you just have to make changes on one file. The changes would automatically reflect on the website. It’s that simple! There are in-line CSS, internal CSS and external CSS. Inline uses the style attribute inside the HTML elements. The Internal CSS uses the <style> element in the <head> section of HTML. The external CSS uses the <link> element to connect to an external CSS file. These are the three ways how you can use CSS with HTML
  • Managing Structure: HTML is for presenting structured information while CSS is for stylizing and presenting document. HTML has graduated over the years, and all the modern attributes were added and updated later on. CSS helps in segregating style and structure and therefore, there are cleaner codes. 

It is true that HTML is a great language for web development. But CSS has made the life of a modern web developer easier and better. If you too want your web page to bring you better traffic and leads, contact Bynaric System Pvt Ltd, Pune. The brand has established itself as a leading web development company in India with a robust track record of over 14 years.

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