Unless you have been living under a rock, you would be aware of the life-changing platform
called AWS. Amazon Web Services is a cloud-platform offering special services to startups
around the world. Today, all sorts of organizations, government or private are using the same.
However, this means you can find all of the tools, and services across 240 countries and
territories around the world. Ever since its launch in 2002, the AWS has been building the
retail operations. The brand has been working ever since, to cover as many services and go
beyond the regular SaaS packages. In their quest to offer better power, storage capabilities,
and content they have come up with AWS.
Reasons for its Success
Now that we have discussed the definition and stuff about AWS, let’s go on to analyze more.
Why is it successful?
 Hassle-free Serverless Platform
The AWS allows the users to code and scale the platform as per their needs. It is no secret
that in order to do that, the users may have to run many back-end tests and all. This might
require servers and to ensure they develop the same, the users can use the scaling and
patching related infrastructure from AWS.
 Mobile-friendliness
Yes, the platform allows for using the AWS for Android or IOS mobiles. Developers can also
get AWS Mobile Support to ensure they develop, and even later test their mobile app.
Talking of the AWS Mobile Hub, we have to mention the presence of several tools like AWS
Mobile SDK, and Amazon Cognito to name a few. You can use the same to make user-
experience better.
 Amazing AWS Databases
AWS gets the best databases and who else but Amazon runs them. The AWS databases are
varied and for diverse objectives as well. For instance, the in-memory data storage was to
help in managing real-time workload and caching. The Relational Database is ideal for any
transactional applications and the Non-Relational one is ideal for scalable internet apps.
 Storage Capacity
Now that we covered database, we talk about the next elephant in the room, aka storage.
AWS offers Amazon EBS, to manage EC2 instances and to manage block storage volumes.

The Amazon Glacier is also another feature for long-term storage. The other storage option
mentioned here is the presence of the scalable storage and analytical data.
This is a key issue every IT personnel might want to know. There is a need to store up to 5
GB worth materials. This is where Amazon Elastic File System comes to play offering cloud-
based file storage. On-premise apps might also need to access cloud-based data. It is where
AWS Storage Gateway comes to play.
 Budget-Friendly
It is a great news that every business might not need all of the tools and packages or services
that AWS might have. So, the businesses may be able to pick any of the services as per their
needs. AWS has been very specific about helping businesses to migrate from physical storage
and databases to the cloud version. Also, companies need not worry about the large sized data
With so many benefits on offer, it is no surprise that AWS has become every business’s top
choice. However, if you are a business seeking special assistance or integrating AWS in your
product or services, feel free to talk to us at Bynaric Systems Pvt Ltd.