The year 2022 has been just like any other for some. However, for the tech world, it was amazing by many levels. There have been turnkey innovations and newer languages emerging around the world. This has inspired the designers and developers to come up with better solutions for the years ahead. 

Today, companies are seeking instant results and development companies are making sure to offer nothing less. This competitive nature has been the reason for the rise of several apps, technologies and languages or simply tech tools. 

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This brings us to the next topic. What does 2023 look like for the web developers? Let’s see.

Serverless architecture: 

What? Hasnt this already been around for over two years now? Yes it has. Now, every other business is sticking with this as it is more scalable. Now developers and programmers are able to build and run websites and apps on cloud and make changes on the go without the worry of losing on any data. Now, more businesses are categorically planning to grow using this serverless design and work globally as well. 

More UX and Adaptive Technologies

Companies want to reach out to the needs of customers and deliver exactly what they seek. This is what developers also realize and are therefore joining hands with AI to give a more adaptive solution. If a development company wants to create a SaaS or an e-commerce site, this responsive design of the website will work wonders. Look for including more features like fingerprint or voice recognition and other identification tabs. 

Better Online Security

Developers know that DDoS attacks were doubling up in every quarter of the year 2020. This means businesses suffered great reputation damages. Even hackers had a joyride by hacking into the social media profiles through 2021 and later. This is the reason people are now taking steps to have double or triple rounds of security protocols in place. This has helped ensuring that we see a rise in the checking the data companies store of their clients or buyers regularly as well. 

WordPress Updates

If you notice it, the WordPress platform is undergoing drastic changes every year. The platform has become one of the most sought-after CMS platforms and all thanks to the innovation it puts in the editing and layouts. The year 2023 will also see a great change in the platform as it plans to bring in newer tabs to improve the user experience better. 

Speeding Up Mobile Pages:

While the developers might want to bring up mobile versions of their websites, they may want to also work on the AMP or Accelerated Mobile page. This is vital as users do not want to wait for the mobile page to load up slowly and steadily. 

They may want to improve the core business metrics and to do that the developers will need to expedite the page loading process in general. 
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