Javascript is a name that over three generations of frontend developers have used and how! We have to give due credit to where it is due and so let’s thank the creators of JavaScript for making our life so easy. 

Yes, we use HTML or CSS to create websites and add all those frills and trims to make them look swanky. But what makes the website run the way you want it to wholly depends on the inner workings courtesy JavaScript. 

What Makes JavaScript Irreplaceable

You can see and use JavaScript everywhere- from creating simple home-grown websites to selling your cookies to running software of NASA and beyond. Yes, it’s that wholesome and we are not complaining. 

As a programming language, people can use it on the client side or front end and even on the backend especially when Node.js came into the picture. 

Ability to Make Special Touches

You will find JavaScript to be very reliable and one can use it to create games that can run on web browsers as well as some mobile apps frameworks. These speak volumes about the dependency on that software. Besides these, you can have Javascript for having audio and video clips on the site, including Autocomplete, and even help you reload content without reloading or restarting the entire website. 

A top feature of JavaScript is that you can use it for an asynchronous interaction. This is the highlight as it is a client side language and you might want to make connections with the server in the background without interrupting the user.

Easy to Use

It is true that when you compare it with any other application or language you will find it easier to learn and grow. So, whether you are an entry-level developer or someone trying to learn it and work on his own, JavaScript is easy for you. It will take very little time to learn and implement, thereby becoming the favorite language of all. You can even scale up any website and make it a highly functional responsive website with this. 

Giving Users the Best Experience

Users want to browse through websites with great ease. They want to enjoy navigating without any problem. JavaScript allows you to add animation, make scrolling down video and audio effortless and makes the users have fun. There is also a scope to add interactive map and more. In short, if you want to create a stunning but a very entertaining website, look no further than JavaScript. 

Finally, the Vast JavaScript Libraries

Now that we have checked out most of the valuable features, let us also look at the JS Libraries. This helps in ensuring the codes remain clean and there is no hassle for writing longer codes too. You will also find the jQuery library which everyone uses. This ups the way you use JavaScript as a programming language. Additionally, if you thought that this is the end of the road of the way JS would work, you are yet to experience the joy of using the React JavaScript library as well. 
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