Angular JS- the game changer in mobile app development! Every developer will state this and you will notice it’s not completely untrue also. What makes Angular JS a hot framework choice? 

We shall analyze many factors, actually! Let’s list them down. 

Supports a Variety of Applications:

Angular JS is ideal as an open source framework that uses and powers up hybrid and cross platform applications easily. We have to credit the JavaScript and MEAN Stack for the same. This also eases the work of the developers who can save their time and effort thanks to the option of data binding. Two-way data binding allows the developers to dissect logic from Document Object Model and therefore even works for the benefit of the tester. So, you can now keep the code in sync with model and view. 

Supporting Apps across Platforms

You might have designed an app and wondered if you could make it suitable for Android or not. Leave that concern aside and design and develop an application accordingly. AngularJS may help you develop and run the application in hybrid style and even assist you in upgrading the application. 

Clean Coding and Documentation

A great highlight of using Angular JS is its clean coding format. This means you can write codes and still keep it uncomplicated. Here you can see the code after you write it and this guides you on the next step to take too. It also helps in creating code quickly and this is indeed a necessity when you are working for a client on a tight schedule. 

Referring the Database and More

You might be aware that you can access the databases using jQuery and this is because of the model-view controller. 

Smart Dependency Injection feature:

This option helps the developer to create applications faster and then even allows the testers to work and check for quality. 

These are just some of the very crucial features why developers at Bynaric Systems Pvt Ltd love to use AngularJS. The framework is growing from strength to strength and developers are spending a lot of time exploring it too. If you wish to get the best of Angular JS based applications, please feel free to contact Bynaric now.